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Little Will, harmonica player and guitar player since 1998, graduated on "Fundação das Artes de São Paulo” from São Caetano do Sul, had already played with huge names of national and international blues. Played in three huge blues festivals as:  " 0 4ºEncontroInternacional da Harmonica” in 2004 opening the show of the harmonica player Steve Gueyger (Jimmy Roggers), a short play with R. J. Mischo in 2007 and played on "6º and 10º EncontroInternacional de Harmonicas” in 2008 and 2010 called by FlavioGuimarães.

Little Will is one of the members of "Harmônicos” that had played in many festivals all over Brazil, and participated of a famous Brazilian TV show program talking about the history of the harmonica instrument.

In partnership with MárcioScialis they are recording they first album "Harmônica Duo”, that contains participation of Peter Madcat Ruth and others great musicians. This duo has been praised by lot of world famous harmonica players as Brendan Power, Jean JaquesMilteau, Jefferson Gonçalves, Big Chico and this duo had already played with Joe Filisko that had revolutionized Hohner.

This music genuisis the first author of a DVD that teaches different brazilianpersons how to tune and make the maintenance of the harmonica. Besides that he is a harmonica teacher in his own harmonica school and now he becomes endorsee of the first factory of harmonicas in the world: Hohner.

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